Setting up a Web-Site for Ecommerce

Are you running a business in any commercial area? This is the time to join tens of thousands of sites that have already discovered the ability to market and sell throughout the Internet. Building a sales WebSite will also&&


Today, with the existing technological advancements, along with the development of Internet products for sale and marketing, you have no reason to leave your business behind. In the next few lines, we will present you with a few simple steps to building a sale Website which will dramatically increase your business sales and revenues.


Build an eCommerce website here and now!Ecommerce

If you need an amazing, technology-driven, spectacular, sales' effective Website you came to the right place. We crafted your website so your future clients will be motivated and interested and will contact you for your product. you’ll need a leader company like Simply Smart Inc. to walk you through the process of building your next eCommerce website. We will prepare a "business plan" that will describe the nature of the Website, its target audience, your business needs, and the way your future visitors will engage in a user experience like no other.

This procedure is referred to, in the professional language as "site characterization", and allows you to focus the technological functions on your Web-Site according to the goals that are determined in advance.

In the process of building the sales Web-Site, you will be exposed to topics such as web page design, content management system, products and inventory, advanced systems for obtaining statistical data about the surfers' activity, internet thinking for marketing purposes, and promotion of the Web-Site within the network and a wide variety of topics that will contribute to your sales Web-Site In its field, throughout the network.

Be sure to use all the professional knowledge available to you by Simply Smart's team of experts, in the process of building the sales Web-Site for your business. Be creative and daring, and you will be on the way to success!

The creation and development of Web-Sites involve planning, characterization and marketing psychology, design, and technical construction, and requires knowledge and professionalism in a wide range of fields, such as development, graphic design, customer management, organic or sponsored advertising.

Upon completion of the site's construction and design, it is uploaded to the server in to be accessible by its target audience. Whether the Web-Site is intended to be a static Web-Site such as an image site, or whether the Startup touches on unique modules such as building a virtual store for e-commerce, the need arises to provide a package of solutions tailored to the needs of the customer.

This is a wide range of details that require treatment by a team of experts, in order to ensure that the Web-Site faithfully serves the goals for which it was established.


E-commerce Web-Sites - a virtual store to leverage sales

One of Israel's leading companies in the field of building, designing, and promoting Web-Sites is Simply-Smart, which was established in 1998 to build smart Web-Sites and develop sophisticated and advanced systems for managing Web-Sites.

The company provides a broad, dedicated, and unique web solutions for the perfect site and effective Internet marketing exposure. One of Simplicity Smart's areas of expertise is e-commerce sites and virtual stores, and a full basket of products and services for customers in the field.

The e-commerce services infrastructure includes the construction of the site and its hosting under simply smarts' servers.

This is part of the simple concept of Simply Smart, which believes that your upcoming Website will be the first giant leap step for your business. 

Expertise, professionalism, knowledge and experience

The establishment of a virtual store on the Website consists of a meticulous process that includes characterization, concept and strategy, while collaborating between teams for the purpose of designing the user interface, technological development, and graphic design, while at the end of the process high quality and the effective finished product will be published online.

The services package includes, among other things, SEO services whether an organic promotion with search engine optimization or SEM paid promotion, performance reports, content management system, and ongoing consulting provided by the best experts of the company.

Simply Smart sees itself as a partner in the online business of its customers, while defining the business goals and ways of working towards these goals is done in complete cooperation with the customers, and through regular self-examination, in order to update goals and restore success.


Website development requires expertise, professionalism,

knowledge and experience in all aspects of Website building technologies, international standards, user interface, operational flexibility and business aspects, where each Simple Smart's customer receives a wide range of inhouse serveices


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  • Paying less will cost plenty

    The internet world is no different from the other consumer's mediums, the urge to pay less often give you a disappointing result. Simply smart Ltd. one of the most established internet company for the last 20 years will provide you with the best solution in hand, everything from scratch, from site preferences, custom vivid designs without any sketch limits, helping in building the content for the site, UX and UI interfaces designs, a native function cms systems for building content with ease, server secure infrastructure and its support, SEO and much much more with an honest price and as a total package for your business and last and not least a support system for all your need and question that occur during you site life span, and the price? well...surprise surprise not far more expensive then a sloppy template based site

  • Custom design website or preordered website template
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