Giving back to the community

We donate our knowledge, abilities, love, and caring to the entities we believe in and believe they should be here, entities that do and contribute, even in their very existence. <sp&a

Giving back to the community

We, at Simply Smart strongly believe that it is important. If each of us will contribute a little, it will lead to a better place for all of us. We have done it for a while now.


To give to those who cannot via the internet

We would like you and everyone to know that contributing to the community is an integral part of our lives here, and the exact part that makes life here way better


Lilac Association

 Lilac Association | Simply smart

The Lilac Association was founded to help disadvantaged sectors of the community, for children at risk, and to generate a change in their lives. 200 volunteers and volunteers are responsible for the Lilac's actions. They invest love, time, and energy to give wholeheartedly. Lilac operates seven children at risk facilities across Tel Aviv-Jaffa and an of support programs for those who need: families in need, new immigrants, seniors, and more. Lilac works to mobilize the resources required to establish and maintain the various programs. They by the day-to-day activities.


Food for Life Association

Food for Life Association

The Food for Life Association has operated nationwide since 2002, adopting families in need. These families include single mothers, families fighting to survive on a daily basis, and Holocaust survivors. The families (for the most part) are referred through the local authorities' welfare departments, but some are ashamed to expose their needs and come directly. The Food for Life Association personally adopt 1,500 families on a regular basis and provides them with a variety and rich full food basket - every month!



עמותת תהילה

TEHILA is a registered non-profit association that provides support by parents, for parents who have children in the gay community TEHILA supports and empowers the parents and families of lesbians, gay men, transgeneder persons and bisexuals (LGTB). Are you are a parent or family member of a son or daughter who has come out of the closet? Do you feel alone? Do you want to discuss it with someone, but don’t have with whom? Most parents go through a crisis, or have great difficulties, when a son or daughter informs them of their different sexuality or gender identity. Support from parents who have been through it can be of enormous help. Our association offers support and empowerment groups in various parts of the country; the possibility one-on-one meetings; a hot line; and a support project for youth groups.

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